AANR-WC is the Western Canadian region of the American Association for Nude Recreation. We exist to promote nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings and to educate and inform society of the value and enjoyment of nudism.

From a skinnydipping experience to a three week vacation in one of Canada's beautiful surroundings, we connect people with information to enjoy life!!

"You'll find it's hard to be uptight and serious when you're nude."

Here are some details re the AANR-WC meetings at Sunny Chinooks, on the August long weekend.


The AGM will be Sunday morning, 2014-08-03 in the SCA clubhouse (the earlier we start, the cooler we’ll be – if it is a hot day).  The outboard meeting will be on Saturday, 2014-08-02 in the afternoon or evening.  It will be held in/on an open deck, Sharell/Bob’s motorhome or the clubhouse.  The inboard meeting will be on Sunday, 2014-08-03 in the afternoon or evening (attendees to agree on timing).  It will be held in/on an open deck, Sharell/Bob’s motorhome or the clubhouse.



All attendees have to register with Sunny Chinooks ahead of time, www.sunnychinooks.com.  All day or camping fees are payable to SCA, in cash/cheque, when you get there.


Meals and Activities

SCA is not providing any services specifically for the AANR-WC meetings.  However, there are some SCA activities taking place, and all attendees are welcome to participate.  There will be a hamburger dinner (free) on Saturday, with a dance to follow.  There are games and activities planned for Sunday afternoon.

All meals, other than the hamburger dinner on Saturday are the responsibility of attendees; there is no cafeteria service.  Sharell/Bob are planning some ‘catered’ lunches for both Sat/Sun.  We have not yet developed a plan for Sunday dinner or meals on other days.  We assume that those staying off grounds will have breakfast before arriving and those staying on grounds will have their own breakfast capability.

All attendees are required to pack out all the garbage that they bring in.



SCA has kept 6 or 7 RV lots open for meeting attendees.  So far, only one has been spoken for. SCA has one rental option – a small cabin. 



SCA does not wish that a map be published.  For those of you  that don’t know how to get there (just north of Sundre), please ask by email.  For others, directions will be provided through the SCA registration process.



More details will be circulated, as available.  Any questions can be directed to Bob/Sharell at vp@aanr-wc.com.






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